Please help our veterans who have fallen on hard times. Veteran homelessness around our country is a very real issue which needs all the help we can give. Ninety percent of all requests we receive are from veterans who are on the verge of becoming homeless. Many within days of being evicted with no place to go. Due to lack of funds we are only able to help about ten percent of them. The hardest part of what we do is having to tell them that we can’t help them. It really breaks our hearts. With your support, we can make a difference. All donations are appreciated. You can donate online, send a check or even donate your car, boat, motorcycle or really anything of value. We will have these items picked up for free and we will provide you with a 100 percent tax-deductible receipt to use on your 1098-c form when filling out your taxes. It really does pay to donate. With your help we CAN make a difference. Please donate below or visit the contact page for our address if you prefer to send a check. If you would like to donate your vehicle, please call or email and we will set up a time to come and pick it up. The condition of your vehicle does not matter. It can be running or not. It doesn’t matter at all. Lift Up Veterans is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity. We do not take salaries and have no paid employees, this keeps our administrative costs minimal, so a high percentage of our donations are used directly towards our mission. This gives our donors the satisfaction of knowing that their generosity makes a difference and we can give nearly all our donations directly back to our veterans and their families. Lift Up Veterans. Share the L.U.V.